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Although ecological burial sites have begun to grow in popularity, the gap between them and traditional burials is often perceived as huge. By creating peaceful, natural resting places with a complete choice in the manner of ceremony and organisation Inspired Meadows provides an option to help bridge that gap.

These beautiful resting places offer a serene and picturesque environment in which families and friends can come and remember their loved ones. Unlike crowded cemeteries, our burial sites offer open, natural spaces which can be designed and planned in advance to create a sense of peace about what will happen once you pass away.

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Stephen’s Story

In 1976, at age eight, I lost my mother to cancer. The approach to death and bereaved children was very different then and it was advised by a well meaning vicar that a funeral was no place for a child – this of course was normal practice at the time.As time passed I wanted to visit my mother’s grave and asked my father if he would take me. He explained that my mother, at her request, had been cremated and scattered and there was no grave or marker to visit.

I struggled with this for many years and to this day when Mother’s Day comes around I still wish I could visit her and put some flowers down. Because of my experience as a child the subject of death and the bereavement process has never been far from my mind.

I became aware of ecological burials ten years ago – through the press and in conversation – and thought it sounded like a wonderful way to be laid to rest. Being buried in a biodegradable coffin or shroud at a country location sounded far preferable to the standard church ceremony and cramped cemetery.Having now been lucky enough to form part of the team at Inspired Meadows, I have been instrumental in creating something really special.

We don’t get to choose the moment of our passing, however, we do have a choice about what happens to us when we go. No one really wants to ponder on their final arrangements, but those who do certainly make life a lot easier for their loved ones at a very upsetting time.

Stephen Brown, Managing Director of Inspired Meadows

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