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Our Vision

Inspired Meadows creates ecological burial sites in beautiful locations as an alternative to traditional places of rest. These spaces are designed to be less formal than conventional cemeteries which are often overcrowded and over landscaped. Instead, the open, natural surroundings offer a serene and tranquil setting which grows more beautiful and established as time goes by.

When a family visits a loved one who has passed away, they are visiting a place that although quiet and peaceful is also vibrant with nature. These natural markers of remembrance are a celebration of life and of continuity.


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Bridging the Gap

Inspired Meadows bridges the gap for people who don’t want a traditional burial in a cemetery but find current natural burial choices to be too alternative. We give you the flexibility to choose the type of natural burial that suits you and your family.

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Natural Burial Locations
An Inspired Meadows burial site is designed to complement the natural landscapes that surround it, providing a peaceful and beautiful setting in which visitors can relax and enjoy the feeling of being at one with nature.

About Inspired Meadows

Although ecological burial sites have begun to grow in popularity, the gap between them and traditional burials is often perceived as huge. By creating peaceful, natural resting places with complete choice in the manner of ceremony and organisation, Inspired Meadows provides an option to help bridge that gap.

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