Bridging The Gap

We are working hard to change the public’s perception of natural burials.  This type of burial choice is sometimes seen as a step too far for those exploring options which include traditional places of rest.

Inspired Meadows is bridging this gap by providing a viable alternative to current natural burial services. As opposed to a small nondescript grave, in a remote field or local authority plot, with a lease for 15-50 years, Inspired Meadows is in constant negotiation to secure the most desirable locations where individuals and families can buy an individual 16 m2 plot or a larger family plot which is theirs for 999 years. This millennium long agreement means that families are no longer faced with the future removal of a loved ones remains but can instead enjoy nurturing a memorial that becomes more beautiful as the years go by as it becomes at one with its natural surroundings and a treasured part of your family history.

Inspired Meadows is an inclusive organisation that can help you arrange any type of ceremony to mark the passing of a loved one. According to your wishes, funerals can be as formal or informal, religious or secular as you wish. Natural burials are not a rival of the establishment, rather a partner that gives you the choice and control on how you are laid to rest.