What Is A Natural Burial Ground?

All Inspired Meadows’ burial sites are created to blend with the surrounding natural landscapes whilst still providing comfortable and attractive facilities for visitors. The individual memorial gardens are linked by pedestrian paths and public areas are framed by trees or hedges.

Landscaping is kept to a tasteful minimum with ponds, wooden bridges and picnic areas. Wherever possible, natural materials are used to create these elements in order to compliment the wonderful variety of plants and trees that make up an Inspired Meadows burial site.


Why A Natural Landscape?

Each burial site is planted with indigenous trees which not only encourage birds and wildlife to thrive but also enhance the landscape providing shady, tranquil spaces and dappled glades where visitors can relax and enjoy nature.

Burial sites are planted with a wonderful range of flowering shrubs and flowers including poppies, cornflower and ragwort. Depending on soil type the sites also feature decorative wild grasses, rhododendrons, azaleas, hydrangeas and pieris – all of which contribute to the seasonal changes of colour as well as gently perfuming the air.


How We Bridge the Gap

Inspired Meadows is working hard to change the way that people perceive natural burials. This type of burial option is sometimes seen as a little too alternative by people who are looking at burial choices other than a traditional place of rest.

Natural burials are not a rival of the establishment, rather a partner that gives you the choice and control on how you are laid to rest.