Your Choice Of Ecological Burial

Inspired Meadow’ burials are ecologically conscious and have a positive impact on the environment. Whilst we do not discourage cremation before interment we are aware that this method uses large amounts of gas and creates damaging greenhouse gasses.

We support natural embalming techniques that do not release harmful chemicals into the watercourse and we offer coffins made from wood, wicker or hemp as well as Ecological Burial Pods. A lot of energy goes into producing the plastics and resins used in the construction of traditional coffins. These materials are around for a very short time before being buried and do not decompose naturally or completely. Inspired Meadows’ Ecological Burial Pods are made from biodegradable plastics which break down and provide nutrients for the soil.

One of the most environmentally nurturing aspects of a resting place with Inspired Meadows, and with the Ecological Burial Pods in particular, is the opportunity for a tree to be planted above your burial space. Your remains feed the tree becoming part of a living plot with a beautiful and long lasting organism representing your memory.

Family Guided Funerals

For many, putting their loved ones to rest without the services of a funeral director can be an incredibly cathartic experience and a rewarding way to recognise all that they have done for you during their lives.


You will find that offers of help will come from people you know and it can be very useful to delegate small and meaningful tasks to friends and family. This way you can keep the arrangements in your hands without feeling overwhelmed.


A key arrangement you will need to make is where to keep your loved one until the day of the funeral. If they passed away in a hospital, most will be happy to allow them to set there until that day. Alternatively most funeral homes will provide a resting place prior to the ceremony although charges will vary. Another alternative is to keep them at home and we can advise you on how this option can be fulfilled.





























Manifesto for Passing

We do not choose the moment of our passing but we do have a choice in what happens to us when we do.